Moonstone Powered Armor Frames

Base stats by frame type:

Type Str Dex Con HP AC Max Dex Speed Range DR SR Sockets Color
melee agi 4 8 2 130 10 10 180 5 3 12 5 green
melee hvy 8 4 6 160 15 7 120 3 5 15 6 purple
magic off 2 4 2 115 5 8 150 4 2 18 4 red
magic spt 2 4 4 130 7 8 150 4 3 18 4 silver
General Information:
  • All pieces of the suit are keyed to each other. They cannot be worn with pieces from other suits.
  • All stats boosts are enhancement bonuses applied to your character when you put the suit on.
  • HP represent the HP of the armor if it is being attacked rather than the wearer. It has hardness equal to its DR.
  • AC is an armor bonus added to your character. When your armor is being attacked, you get to add non magical AC bonuses to its AC (Dex, class, Shield, Dodge, etc). Normal rules apply for when you do and don’t get to apply these bonuses (flat-footed, etc).
  • Max Dex is the Max Dex bonus that you can have in the suit.
  • Speed is feet/rnd. Maneuverability is Perfect (see AE page 177 for details).
  • Range is the number of hours the suit will operate on a full ‘tank’.
  • DR applies to any attack directed at either the suit or the person. There is nothing known that can bypass this DR.
  • Spell resistance applies both to spells directed at you and spells directed at the armor. It always active unless it is disabled to accept incoming friendly spells. This is done as a non-action.
  • Sockets are the number of upgrades you can have active on the frame and the number of sockets on the chest piece. Most of the upgrades are 3” diameter spherical moonstone gems which fit into sockets on the chest piece of the frame.
  • All suits have a depression on the portion of the frame that covers the back for a long range fuel tank (9” long, 3” diameter cylindrical moonstone).
  • The magic offensive frame has a socket on the back of the helmet which none of the other frame types have (and the 3” upgrades don’t fit in).
  • Color indicates the color of the moonstone from which the frame was created- doesn’t really have an effect other than to identify the type of suit you’re dealing with.
  • The suit fits itself over whatever you are wearing so anything normally on your person during combat fits (i.e. no backpacks). You can access any of your gear while in the suit.
  • You can wear your normal armor under the suit, but the suit replaces the normal armor’s AC and suppresses any magical properties of the armor. (Thus if you had a +1 shirt of absorption on under the suit, both the +1 AC and the absorption property would be suppressed as long as you wear the suit).
  • Anything magically that increases armor (Natural Armor, Ring of Protection, etc) only apply to attacks made on the person, not the suit.
  • Other magic items worn function as they normally would.
  • The magic involved in getting the suits to work in the first place places it well outside the purview of the normal item enchanting process.
  • Displacement cast on the player would not apply to attacks made on the armor. The heightened effect of magic armor would work, the regular one would not.
  • If you run out of fuel, the suit descends to and hovers at the lowest altitude moonstones function. Additionally, The armor check penalty becomes -10 and spells that require a somatic component cannot be cast.
  • While wearing the suit you are considered Large. Your reach increase as does your carrying capacity. All other normal effects from becoming Large are included in the base stats of the suits.
  • With experimentation and study, your crafters and magic people feel confident further customizations could be made to the frames.

Equipping & Socketing Information:
  • It takes 10 rounds to completely Don the suit. The first five rounds are spent putting on the boots, helmet and gloves. The rest of the suit forms itself around you over the next five rounds. During that time you can act normally, but the suit counts as wearing heavy armor. If someone were helping you, you can get the boots, helmet and gloves on in 3 rounds but cannot increase the speed at which the rest of the suit forms. The suit cannot be Donned Hastily.
  • it takes 10 rounds to remove the suit(8 when assisted). When the suit is not worn it packs itself into a 5’ x 2’ by 2’ rectangle from which the boots, helmet and gloves are easily accessible. When packed, the suit weighs 125 pounds. The other pieces will travel through the air to you as long as you are within 100’ of them and they have some physical way to reach you.
  • The pieces of the suit avoid obstacles while moving towards the wearer. Attempting to disrupt a piece of the suit while it is forming requires a DC 20 Strength check.
  • The suits have an armor check penalty of zero and spell failure of 0%. They do not count against your total weight when determining encumbrance. For the purposes of abilities based on the type of armor being worn, the suit counts as light or no armor (unless it runs out of fuel).
  • Removing and resocketing upgrades are each full round actions for which no special skills are required. This can be done in the suit, or to someone else’s suit. This provokes an Attack of Opportunity.
  • In order to remove a socketed upgrade from an unwilling subject, you must first succeed at a grapple check. Once in a grapple, another grapple check is required to remove the upgrade.

Upgrades are placed in the sockets. No more than 1 of each upgrade can be used in a suit. The party currently has 10 of each tier 1 upgrade, 4 of each tier 2 upgrade, 10 Fly Like an Arrow upgrades and 50 unimprinted upgrades.
Category Tier 1 Tier2 Tier3
Movement 15ft 30ft 60ft
AC 3 5 7
DR 1 2 3
SR 3 5 7
Str 2 4 6
Dex 2 4 6
Con 2 4 6
Int 2 4 6
Wis 2 4 6
Cha 2 4 6
Extend Touch Spells 15ft 30ft 60ft
Increase Spell Range 50% 100% 200%
Increase Spell Power
(helmet slot)
_ 25% 50%
Caster Level 1 _ 2
Level Spell Store 3 5 7
HP 15 30 45
Elemental Resist 5 10 20
Energy Resist 5 10 20
Persistent Spell Effect 1st level _ 2nd level
Long Range Fuel Tank x4 x8 x20
Short Range Teleporter 600 1200 2400
Fly Like an Arrow _ _ _

Upgrade Information:

  • persistent level 1 spell effect must target you alone and have a duration. It can be either a heightened Level 0, Level 1, or diminished Level 2 spell. This effect cannot to interrupted by the wearer. Spells such as Armor Contingency do not work because the upgrade is only active while the suit is worn.
  • Elemental Resist and Energy Resist only protect against one type of effect at a time. Removing an reinserting the stone allows the effect to be changed. You can socket more than one Elemental Resist or Energy Resist as long as they are protecting against a different effect.
  • 3 level spell store functions like a ring of magical might except that the caster could choose to cast any combination of spell levels that equal the total stored.
  • Combining the extend touch spells and increase spell range results in touch spells having a range equal to the number listed for the extend touch spells upgrade.
  • long range fuel tank multiplies your range by the number listed.
  • short range teleporter allows you to teleport yourself, your armor and your equipment anywhere out to <listed> feet without error. Equipment includes held inanimate objects only, up to your “Lift Over Head” capacity. You do not need line of sight or line of effect, but teleport into solid matter and bad things happen. This can be done 3 times/day for each upgrade stone.

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