This is a collection of information that we currently have about Pre-Cataclysm people, locations and events.


Khorl: This was a main base of the Diamond Shield. It is where their moonstone suits were made as well as the Red Mooncrystal and gigas. It was under siege by the Diamond Throne leading up to the Cataclysm and fell two days before the Cataclysm.

The ruins of Khorl are located on Deliverance, near the northern shore.

Jerad: This was the city from which the Diamond Throne staged much of its military campaign against the Diamond Throne. Pre-Cataclysm, Jerad was located about 300-400 miles west of Khorl across the Elder Mountains but Jerad is now on the eastern edge of Nasr thousands of miles away from Khorl


Re-Kameth: Re-Kameth was a giant magister armorsmith who served the diamond shield before the Cataclysm. He created the Red Mooncrystal, the Diamond Shield’s gigas and their moonstone suits. He escaped from Khorl a few hours before the city fell to the Diamond Throne and shortly before the cataclysm, he appeared to drop out of the akashic memory.

Ganryu: We know nothing about him other than he is the original creator of the moonstone suits worn by the ninjas when they attacked us.

The Gospel According to Mir

“Let me first cast some spell to keep out eavsdropping and scrying (there’s got to be something by 5th level), as this story should remain in this room. Thorim, allow me to first begin my story by asking you formally for political asylum. New information has come to my attention and has forced me to alter my priorities. But first, let me explain why I am seeking this, and to do so, I must start my story prior to the Cataclysm. I will first explain who I am and what I’m doing here, then I will explain some of the new information that has come to my attention. This is a long and complex story, so please bear with me.

“I have only ever lied to you about one thing: I am not from the Kingdom I claimed to be from, in fact no continent exists in the East at all. My story first begins 800 years ago, pre-Cataclysm, as the war between the Diamond Throne and the Diamond Shield was at it’s peak. At this point the entire Mage council decided that the world had become to barbaric for them. They feared it’s destruction and their own, and sought to shelter themselves away from the world until a time that they could return and help rebuild civilization. As such, they experimented, and eventually founded, a colony on the silver moon called Soltis, and then took as many mages with them and left for the colony. This colony has been run by the original mage council with one exception since the beginning; a ritual that all council members take leaves them immortal while serving the council. They set up a sort of magic field that protected the colony while also preventing the area from being scribed or transported to and also removing it from the Akashic Memory; it in effect is a pocket section of the memory that is only accessible by those who have lived there and spent a good portion of their lives attuning themselves to it, such as Gi.

“I was born a member of the colony approximately 35 years ago. I grew up and trained to become a mage like all children do, however an accident of my own making killed my parents, hence my aversion to most offensive magic. However, I have always had a knack to find anything I looked for; intuitively I just knew exactly where it was. This I believe is what led the council to choose to send me down here.

“Several months ago something agitated the council. I do not know what it is although now I have my suspicions. The council opted to send down two representatives to attempt to find the control moonstones for the gigas and return them to Soltis, as they feared they could be used to break the world. Why they chose me I believe as I said has to do with my abilities, because otherwise I would be a poor choice. I do not trust the council; they have maintained tight control over Soltis by feeding tidbits of information to the people there in limited amounts, and I have always been an outspoken critic of them. My own personal belief is that their goals have changed over the years from wanting to return and rebuild civilization to maintaining their own grip on Soltis; as the years pass by with their immortality their motivations become more selfish and focused on their own survival, rather than the lofty goals of the original founding of Soltis. Also, myself and the other representative are relatively weak mages, and the other is not necessarily loyal as well; so it is possible they sent something else down as well that I am unaware of.

“My orders were to come down here, stay out of sight, and find the moonstone crystals and return them to Soltis. I have been told my whole life that this world is full of barbaric savages who would slit their own mother’s throat over the most trivial things. While I did not trust what the council said I also had no way of knowing what was the truth here, and maintaining the secrecy of Soltis’ existence was also an important goal, hence my silence and obfuscation of my past whereabouts. While this place is savage, it is not as awful as I was told, and within your group I have seen a measure of nobility that does not exist even within Soltis, which is why I seek to defect and join your side. My own personal goals are simply to reduce the impact of war and stand for Peace, I can best do that with your group.

“I now turn to when I came here. I was sent down second, the other representative was sent down first. His name is Raqimek, he is a Verrik mage of equivalent power. While Raq and I were friends growing up, one thing about him that always stuck out was his willingness to cut corners to gain power and knowledge or achieve his goals. He came down here and immediatly hooked up with the Valuans, currently he is advising Admiral Xiphos. When I left recently, it was to meet up with Raq and discuss where we are at and how we are going to continue Soltis’ goals. In addition, I had begun to suspect Raq was working with the Valuans and I wanted to feel him out. I met him at Angel’s Landing, the ruins of De-Shamod, a few days ago. He has mostly turned native and is sold on Xiphos’ power trip, and somehow he has managed to fully evolved himself with Tenebrian Seeds, he was not fully evolved when I knew him on Soltis. It was he who told Xiphos where my ship would come down, and they sent that fool Admiral who nearly blasted me out of the sky to retrieve me. Unfortunately, I believe he had a hand in the destruction of your family; he told me that while they were going to go through your area anyways to prep for their invasion of Nasr, he also scried me as we returned to your home. The fleet they sent was also looking for me.

“Raqimek believes that Xiphos’ goals directly parallel Soltis’, therefore he chose to work with Xiphos to find the moonstones, and has been advising him since. I do not know if he has had a hand in helping them bypass the riftwalls, however that is possible. During our conversation, I led him to believe that ultimately my goals are for Soltis, and that I would work to find the moonstones if he kept Valua off our backs. However, I do believe he still trusts me; that is a potential asset we have: an advisor to Xiphos that will communicate directly we with me.

“As I attempted to return to the ship, my teleport was redirected to the Infinite Library. I do not know how but Raqimek did it; he left me a message that he wanted me out of the way while they performed an operation, that is all I know. As I was stuck there, I decided to do some research, and found out several interesting things. First, the story I told you about Soltis was what I was told; the truth is, as the Gigas were created the mage council created a fourth that worked differently. It drew power from the silver mooncrystal that they created to create magical effects. Apparently the mage council thought that the world had already fallen into chaos, so in order to stop the war they destroyed the world. They teleported to Soltis, then used the silver moon crystal and gigas to rip out chunks of the moons and send them raining down on the world: The mage council actually caused the Cataclysm. Somehow, they are one player in this grand saga we face.

“A second player I have found information about is our ninja friends. I researched quite a lot about them and discovered a few things. An ancient dragon has apparently returned; Ziviljian is his name. Ziviljian was involved in the creation of the Dramojh; he has knowledge of contacting demonic and extra-planar forces and fusing them with various things. He is behind our ninja friends, and he seeks to reclaim what the dragons once held. Raq said something during our conversation about dragons: it is in their nature to rule, adn that is true as they are the most powerful race in existence. However, they have always been splintered could not always find common ground. Nevertheless, I would be wary of your dragon friends unless you are certain of their loyalties, and with dragons you can never be entirely certain.

“That is what I know for now.”


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