For those of you interested in learning something while attempting to save the world, pay attention:

Areas of focus: A character can have one major and three minors. You have to pick them at the outset, but can change them any time you want (no more than once per day).

Research Points: For each area of focus, I’ll develop what amounts to a research tree from a 4x game leading up to whatever it is you want to discover. Every day you will earn research points toward each area of focus you are actively researching. The base rate is equal to your intelligence modifier and is affected by the following factors:
Major focus: x 4
Immediate access to necessary equipment: x 2
General access to necessary equipment: x 2
High quality equipment: + 1
Master quality equipment: + 2
Underlings1 : x 2

1 note- cohorts count as players for research so you would calculate their points separately and then add them to yours

Thus a reasonably smart person with access to everything he needs could generate 160 research points in a day whereas the same person sitting in jail trying to research the same thing would only generate 12

Current research projects:

Moonstones ‘n stuff
Moonstone Weapons
Akashic memory

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