Fire in the Hull


All Magister. Although research oriented, I’m the (debatably) more useful magister half of Mir, the resident badass illusionist. Cameron considers himself more useful not out of any lack of respect for Mir, quite the contrary. For him, Mir is an exceptionally talented magister with a passion for discovery and exploration after his own heart. He’s just not impressed that Mir can’t really do all that much to Cameron’s closest relative, his mage-blade cousin.

To put a long story short, Cameron likes setting things on fire… he is the mini-gun.


Cameron is newly returned from extended loan to the Valuans. Cameron’s parents were the heads of the intelligence network of the Blue Sky clan. Much detested by the Valuans, not only for their role in thwarting their imperialistic efforts, but for their keen interest and implementation of re-introducing education and it’s dissemination in the current world.

In one fatal swoop, Cameron’s parents were assassinated, and he was taken as a child from the Blue Sky pirates and recognizing his extraordinary potential for magic, was trained and raised by a Valuan magister. Still remembering his past, Cameron eventually was knowledgeable enough to escape from the Valuans, and leave a scar on his much more powerful master to boot.

During his training, Cameron deliberately focused on learning another element from his teacher’s chosen element of lightning. Drawing from the fires deep in his heart, he has become a devotee of elemental fire magic, and it is his signature damage type. His knowledge of how Valuan magic is crafted gives him great insight in his new life…

After escaping and recovering back with what was left of his family for the better part of a year, he has come into his own as a valuable, determined member of the Blue Sky clan. He’s an avid researcher, and has been exploring and furthering his knowledge of his interests, which he secretly studied while under Valuan tutelage.

He is a consummate student of all things magically historical. He explores like an Indiana Jones with a vendetta, and is a rather unorthodox magic practitioner, rarely sticking to established “rules”.

He has great respect for fellow magisters of intelligence and integrity. He has a rather irrational non-negotiable hatred for the Valuans. Given his history with them, which included cruel beatings and torture at the hands of his master when angered, his demeanor towards the world is a bit bleak, but pragmatic. He has no problems torturing Valuans if it serves his purposes for getting information, and has on more than one occasion left Valuans in situations where they would inevitably die, and not in a kind way either.

He has been alternately reprimanded, but tolerated by the Blue Sky clan elders, since they hope with time, his wounds will truly heal. For the moment, he is an invaluable asset given his crafting talents, and his understanding of magic. The clan elders have made sure that his only remaining close relative, a mage-blade cousin, is a constant traveling companion and watcher to make sure he doesn’t fall forever into the depths of his own hatred for the Valuans…


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