A very old friend to the Diamond Rogues


Old Silver Dragon
breath weapon: ice lance – attack roll to hit target, no save. Everything within 10 feet of target also takes damage but gets a reflex save for half.


Inglo is one of the two dragons who approached Tobias some years ago offering an alliance of sorts. Tobias’ family would provide a place for the dragons to live on their island along with whatever they might need and, in exchange, the dragons would share their knowledge, tenebrian seeds and magic. Implicit in this alliance was that Tobias’ guiding principle of defending the right of all people to live in freedom and peace be extended to include the dragons.

Over the years, Inglo has taken on a number of promising young magisters and runethanes from Tobias’ family as research assistants- training them in the use of magic in exchange for a few years of service. Additionally, he’s been more than willing to share the results of his research with Tobias and his officers.


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