Admiral of the East Fleet


8 Akashic
4 Unfettered

1 Battleship
2 Cruisers
3 Destroyers


Edea has been the Admiral of the East Fleet ever since the previous admiral died mysteriously about 10 years ago. A master of intrigue, she commands Valua’s intelligence network in addition to her regular duties as admiral.

About two months ago her battleship, called The Inquisitor, went in for its regularly scheduled extended maintenance. The maintenance took several days longer to complete than usual and Gast was seen on site a number of times, but no clear memories of what went on are available. However, a few days after the attack on your home, The Inquisitor met up with the rest of Edea’s fleet at the northern edge of the riftwall just east of Archon’s Rest. Her ship and two of the others did pass through the riftwall into Nasrian airspace briefly before returning back through the riftwall. Some of the engineers normally assigned to The Inquisitor retired when the ship went in for maintenance and were replaced by engineers from Gast’s fleet.

On June 15th, her fleet left its position near the riftwall between Diamond Rogue airspace and Nasr and on June 18th arrived near the convergence of the rift walls north of Captain Issachar’s home (on the south side). The fleet did stop to inspect your former home while it was there, but they did not notice the work Ralac has been supervising.


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