Ok, so the timing on everything is getting kinda confusing, so I’m putting this together to keep things straight in my head. For convenience purposes, we’ll be using the standard calendar and arbitrarily deciding the game began on June 1st. (Largely because I think it’d be more fun to fly around in airships during the summer than the winter)

June 1: Mir is rescued from the Valuans
June 3: Arrival back at home
June 4: Leave for Captchka Island with the barge to go collect moonstones
June 6: Arrival at Captchka Island. Dealt with ninjas, collected moonstones
June 6: Home destroyed by Valuans
June 8: Arrival back at home
June 10: Arrival in Archon’s Rest
June 12: Gast’s fleet sighted at western supply base
June 15: Montaigne attacks nasrian merchant
June 16: Acquired The Ferret
June 16: Alfonso arrives at Ghyrindar
June 17: Captain’s Meeting
June 18: Leave to attack Valuan Supply Convoy
June 22: Successful attack on Supply Convoy
June 26: Arrive at Archon’s Rest

Timelines of Valuan Admirals, antagonist Diamond Rogue Captains and other relevant parties

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