So with the world being as messed up as it is and all, I figured it might help if I actually explained it. So here goes.

A number of strange and inconvenient side effects of the cataclysm have made exploring the world in its new form very difficult. The most common of these is a series of powerful down drafts known as riftwalls which form most of the edges of the ‘known world’. They appear on the map as blue lines and are basically gigantic arcs along which air is being pulled down into the maelstrom at great velocity. These riftwalls are difficult to see through because of the clouds, dust and other debris they are continually sucking down into the maelstrom and, while at their core they are only a few hundred feet wide, they disturb the surrounding air enough that sailing within a quarter-mile of them is hazardous. Scholars believe these riftwalls exist to offset the gentle updraft which is present pretty much everywhere else.

In addition to the riftwalls, there also exist curtains of rock which stretch for hundreds of miles called earth walls. These earth walls are created by millions of boulders erupting from the maelstrom at certain points and then spreading out to form an impassable curtain which stretches from the maelstrom itself up to more than two mile higher than airships can fly. The rocks travel for hundreds of mile at high speeds before crashing back down into the maelstrom. Scholars suspect this is a remnant of whatever force tore loose the floating islands from the ground in the first place.

The third inconvenience is something called the dark rift- it seems to be an upwelling of the maelstrom which runs more or less north-south just east of Nasr. Almost nothing about it is known, though there are legends of a map which can reveal a safe path through the dark rift.

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