In an attempt to help mages to not get bored during ship to ship combat, I’ve devised the following combat magic system. It’s based on the fact that all airships are supported by two primary moonstones, one in the bow and one in the stern through which mages can amplify their spells to a great enough level to be useful at the range and on the scale at which ship combat takes place. The bow moonstone can amplify a variety of offensive spells and the stern moonstone does the same for these defensive spells.

The moonstones can do other things beyond simple spell amplification. A magic user can channel spell levels into the defensive moonstone to counterspell incoming unfriendly magic. As a full round action, a magic user can channel two spell levels into the moonstone which last for ten rounds. This can be ‘stacked’ up to the rating of the moonstone (default 10) and with each channel the ‘timer’ is reset for any stored magic. As unfriendly spells come in, the defensive moonstone automatically counterspells them using one stored spell level per level of the incoming spell. If the moonstone doesn’t have enough stored magic to completely block a spell, the spell succeeds but at 1/2 strength.

The offensive moonstone, on the other hand, can’t do anything special yet, but I’m still thinking about it. One thing to note is that, for offensive magic, the target has to be acquired- a process which is quite simple for acquiring something large like a ship, but damn near impossible when trying to target something small like a person.

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