Tears of Celeris

Part 1.1: Home Sweet Home
Congratulations! Now, who are you?

You arrive back at home four days later with no incident. The captain tells you all (including Mir) to report to the meeting hall the following morning to clear up all the questions surrounding Mir. In accordance with family tradition, the captain keeps 20% of the money you found and gives the rest, along with all other loot, to Thorrim to distribute as he sees fit. ‘Well done.’ he tells you all, ‘The officers and I were talking about it over the last few days and we all agree you’ve proven yourselves worthy of your own ship and your own crew. As such, once alfonso’s ship has been refitted, reshaped and renamed, she’ll be yours. In the meantime, however, one of our scouts reported a sizeable moonstone shower falling over Kaptchka island off to the west, so after our meeting tomorrow I’d like you to take the sloop over there and pick up whatever you can- now that we’ve got two ships to fuel we’re gonna need all the moonstones we can get our hands on.’

Part 1: The Traveller
the enemy of my enemy...

You’d all been out pirating for a few weeks and were on your way home when, late one night, Av’r spotted a small ship flying a good mile higher than your ship or any ship you were aware of was capable of flying. Not being able to ascertain anything about the ship other than that it was made out of a blue metal, your captain decided to attempt to intercept the ship once it had dropped into reach. The ship noticed you at some point and changed course to head for some islands, accelerating just enough to stay out of your reach. Unfortunately, as it was approaching the islands, an imperial cruiser came into view and succeeded in capturing the crew of the blue ship, though the ship itself was destroyed in the process. You guys decided to board the cruiser and rescue whoever was in the strange ship since they were obviously not imperial.

In the process of defeating the crew, the prisoners managed to escape and assisted you in defeating the 10 foot long half stone wolverine who had been guarding Admiral Alfonso. Unfortunately, the admiral managed to set a self-destruct system before jumping ship, however you were able to deactivate the device before it went off. The captain has named Thorrim captain of the newly liberated cruiser and has given him a dozen or so crewmembers to run the ship as well as you and the rest of the party as officers. You’re all now on your way home

The History
Everything what's happened up to now

For many thousands of years, the world was comprised of two great continents, the dragonlands to the west and the land of the giants to the east. At some point roughly 3,000 years ago, the dragons mysteriously disappeared from the western continent. At almost the same time, a horde of cruel demonic dragons Two years after the dragons requested that the giants relinquish control of all lands once held by the dragons, the Diamond Throne delivered its response to the dragons. The Diamond Throne rejected the dragons’ demands, replying that they did not liberate these lands from the dramojh only to give them over to those too weak to defend them. During those two years, the debating, negotiating, bickering and arguing which finally led to their response nearly tore the Diamond Throne apart. The resulting war with the dragon empire quickly finished the job.

The giants split into three distinct groups. Roughly half remained loyal to the Diamond Throne and immediately took up arms to protect the lands of the Diamond Throne from any who would seek to conquer them. Most of the rest split off to form the Diamond Shield and the returners. The Diamond Shield believed that the native races had advanced to the point that they no longer needed either the giants or the dragons to protect them. The returners believed that, if remaining meant forcing the lands of the Diamond Throne into war, the giants had no choice but to return to the eastern continent.

The Littorians sided largely with the Diamond Shield, as did the humans while the sibbecai remained loyal to the Diamond Throne. The faen divided themselves between the Diamond Throne and the Returners, largely depending on whether they believed destruction on such a massive scale was justifiable. Almost all of the mojh attempted to enter into the service of the dragons fearing that, with the onset of the war, the prejudice they had always experienced would only grow stronger. The Verrik, on the other hand, tried to keep to themselves in their southern cities, hoping that being out of sight would keep them safely out of mind although in secret they did what they could to support the Diamond Shield.

Had either the dragons or the giants been truly united, the war would have been over quickly. However, as fractured as the giants were, the dragons were moreso. Even before they declared war on the Diamond Throne, the dragons, while generally in agreement that the giants should be purged from their ancient home, found themselves in sharp conflict as to how the giants should be dealt with and how their lands should be divided up once the giants were gone. Thus the war dragged on for several years with the Diamond Throne maintaining their lands in the north, the Diamond Shield holding sway over the southern lands and the dragons remaining largely in the west. It appeared to be a stalemate, until the gigas appeared.

Magisters working for the Diamond Throne discovered a way to create crystals which contained incredible power out of the strange stones which had recently begun falling from the moons orbiting the world. They created one crystal for each of the moons: red, green, purple and silver but shortly after they completed the last crystal, a spy working for the dragons stole the green moon crystal, along with the research that had been done on creating qeapons to utilize the power of the crystals, and delivered them to the dragons. In relatively short order, the dragons created the first gigas. They crafted an immensely powerful construct in the form of a 200 foot dragon which was powered and controlled via the green moon crystal. The Diamond Throne responded to this new threat with a gigas of their own and, once the Diamond Shield succeeded in ‘acquiring’ the red moon crystal, they too constructed a gigas to defend them from their enemies now vastly superior military might. Then the exodus occurred.

In the space of a single day, almost all of the magisters disappeared from the continent- the mojh, the verrik, even the magisters allied with the Diamond Throne and the Diamond Shield- all disappeared. Even more worrying to some, the silver moon crystal also disappeared. While this resulted in something of a cease fire as those that remained focused on trying to understand what happened, the bitter hatred which the war had instilled in all three sides soon got the best of them and they redoubled their efforts to eradicate eachother. Just when it appeared that their collective bloodlust would result in the destruction of the entire continent, all three empires were brought to their knees by the greatest cataclysm this world has ever seen; the rains of destruction.

Late one night there was a brilliant flash of light in the northen sky. Shortly thereafter, millions of moonstones began to rain down upon the world. At first they were fairly small, but as night gave way to morning, the falling moonstones became larger and larger until by midday boulders the size of houses were crashing down all around. Then they started exploding. Millions died that first day and millions more in the days following. By the time the rains stopped, vast landmasses had been thrown into the sky where they remained, supported by the very moonstones that had torn them apart and the world’s surface was no longer habitable, so deeply was it buried in ash, dirt and roiling storms. Only those lucky enough to find themselves on the gigantic floating islands survived the nightmare, though for many of those who did manage to survive, the harsh reality of a world bereft of civilization proved to be more than they could cope with.

The next hundred years saw the invention of the airship and, with inter-island travel now possible, some semblances of civilization were quick to follow. The few dragons who survived the cataclysm went into hiding on remote islands as the other surviving races generally held them responsible for the destruction of the world. Those who had remained loyal to the Diamond Throne formed the Valuan Empire on one of the near continent sized islands. The Diamond Throne was reborn in a sense, but it had been twisted and corrupted by the war and the cataclysm. Where once they had striven to protect the weak, now they strove to dominate. Their leaders came to believe that only by spreading their domain over the entire world could peace and order be maintained. The Verrik formed the merchant nation of Nasr in an effort to solidify their independence while the survivors of the Diamond Shield, having been spread across dozens of smaller islands, splintered off into the various air pirate families which exist today. Nothing was ever found of the magisters, though in the intervening centuries magisters have once again become relatively common among the new nations.

It has now been eight hundred years since the cataclysm and all are becoming uneasy with the ever increasing strength of the Empire’s armada.


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