Rafael Magnifico

a somewhat silly, very arrogant swordsman


level 3 evolved human level X-3 ritual warrior (X=total level)

Specializes in using a swordaxe (a ridiculous weapon for a ridiculous character) and very long ranged attacks.

Relies heavily on combat rituals and flexibility. For example, using level 3 (exotic) combat rituals he can fire a cannon ~1/2 a mile with no penalties, or jump 80 feet in a strait line without a check.

Poor defense, moderate offense, passable at sneaking, good saves.

Very high stats (evolved human) in all areas but intelligence (10).


It is not Rafael’s fault that he sees the world more clearly than others, it is simply the way he has been trained. While the rituals of combat hold the ultimate thrill, most ritual warriors also see the minute and indistinguishable sacraments which make up every day life. Rafael interprets these with the odd quirks of the eternal optimist. While some may see him as a chauvinistic moron, he sees himself as a wise and absolutely loyal friend trying to spread love and harmony to his shipmates… like a beautiful woman.

He takes the meaning of “family” very seriously and inherently dislikes the dishonorable nature of the Valuans (or at least those he has met).

Although of only average intelligence, he occasionally has insights which surprise even himself.

Rafael Magnifico

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