level 10 male verrik magister
1 verrik
9 magister


He’s just not a nice person

He is not particularly nice to his crew.

His home is in Northern Nasr

When the party was originally confronted by the fog ship, He was returning home from a meeting with Captain Isyyl somewhere north of Nasr. There are also no known connections between Geoff and Montaigne.

On June 15th he attacked a Nasrian merchant. This particular Nasrian merchant has had dealings with Montaigne in the past but things soured a few months ago when the merchant refused to sell Montaigne something he wanted. He attacked the merchant on his way to Archon’s Rest before the Captain’s Meeting

In possibly related news, Montaigne has spent the last several months attempting to buy very old books- anything that is in any way related to the world before the cataclysm.


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