The Unknown Admiral


1 Battleship
5 Cruisers
6 Destroyers


Xiphos is a Giant (Size Huge).

Those under his command are in awe of him. He has obviously undergone a number of tenebrian seed rituals, but no one has any idea when this was done or how. The earliest memory you can find regarding him is when he appeared at the Palace 18 months ago and asked to speak to the Empress. No one knows what was said during that first meeting, but she commanded the creation of a fleet for him shortly thereafter and made him an admiral once the ships were completed roughly a year ago. The Empress holds Xiphos in higher regard than all the rest of her admirals- there is talk of her putting him in direct control of Valua’s entire military force. Up until recently he and his fleet were in Ghyrindor, but about 10 days ago they set sail for the Northern edge of the Western Riftwall for training exercises. They will be meeting up with Admiral Gast’s ships to conduct ‘joint training exercises’ over the next two weeks. You don’t get anything incredibly specific beyond that, but there are hints and whispers of another purpose to the voyage.


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