Admiral of the North Fleet


Magister 14

1 Battleship
3 Cruisers
4 Jeep Carriers


Gast received his commission as Admiral of the North Fleet primarily due to services rendered to the previous Emperor. He focuses his time and energy on magical and scientific research, so his fleet sits in Valua in reserve most of the time. Nevertheless, he is a more than capable commander who sees combat as a chance to test his latest inventions.

On June 21st, he was on his battleship, The Eldtrich Hammer.

From what you gather about his research, he seems to do a very good job of compartmentalizing- you pick up a number of what seem to be unimportant and unrelated research areas but can’t really make sense of them. You wonder if perhaps Cameron might be better able to fit the pieces together.

One area of research you do pick up on is the moonstone frames and upgrade gems- it seems more like reverse engineering than honest scientific discovery.

Gast is a brilliant scientist and seems to have an uncanny ability to find intelligent people. He is the one who killed Cameron’s parents and instructed Cameron in the ways of the magister and the scientist- this is a fairly common method for him to ‘recruit’ new assistants.

He has a particular affinity for electricity.

His battleship passed through the riftwall west of Valua as a test run of sorts three weeks ago. He gets along well with Edea, but more or less ignores the rest of the admirals, though he respects Xiphos.


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