Tears of Celeris

Part 5.1: Infiltration

We have seen the enemy...

As the newly promoted Commodore Thorim turned his fleet back toward Archon’s Rest, Gabriel took one of the lifeboats from the supply ship along with an unconscious officer named Ropp and headed for the Imperial supply base for which the convoy was headed. While on the boat, Gabriel worked some magic to implant memories of himself as a crew member into Ropp’s mind and, while there, dug around a bit for information to make his story more convincing should he be questioned by the valuans.

They were picked up by a patrol ship early the next morning and taken to the base. Once there, Ropp and Gabriel were separated and questioned. After an hour or so of relatively friendly interrogation, Gabriel was introduced to a marine named Grieg who was to show him around. They had dinner together and, after comiserating about the lot of simple soldiers and sailors, Grieg invited Gabriel to join him and a few friends later that evening on the bridge of an old mothballed freighter named the Flying Walrus for a friendly game of cards.

At the card game, Gabriel was introduced to two older sailors named Wedge and Biggs, and a younger marine named Jed. He immediately recognized Jed as belonging to another Diamond Rogue family and, over the course of the evening, learned that Jed was planning to escape and was hoping to take Grieg, Wedge and Biggs with him. The conversation danced around everyone’s shared dissatisfaction with the direction the Valuan military had been taking over the past two years and their fear of what the Valuans were becoming. Jed said to everyone just before he left for the night that, “tomorrow night will be my last card game with you gentlemen as I’ll be leaving the service of the Valuan military shortly thereafter. Of course, any of you who are interested are more than welcome to join me- we could continue our card games elsewhere.”

Gabriel spent the following day attempting to gather information about what was going on at the supply base. He discovered that both Admiral Gast and Admiral Xiphos’ fleets were docked at the base and scheduled to deploy the following morning to meet up with another fleet before going on to engage in some sort of large scale military operation. He also discovered that Gast’s fleet was outfitted with a number of new cannons, the likes of which he’d not seen before. Gabriel attempted to check in on Ropp, but was informed that his injuries sustained from the pirate attack were more severe than they had originally thought and that he needed more rest before seeing visitors.

Gabriel had been directed to report to the infirmary for a routine checkup before deployment, so later in the day he dropped in. The nurse who attended him was extremely nervous and, after having some difficulty examining him, she explained to him that they were worried that his mind had been tampered with and that they needed to make sure. Yesterday afternoon, they had discovered that Lieutenant Ropp’s mind had been tampered with and, in the process of trying to determine what exactly had been done, they had accidentally destroyed his mind. She told him that, if she was unable to perform her analysis, they’d have to attempt the procedure on him which resulted in Ropp’s death. hearing this, Gabriel allowed the nurse to inspect his mind and, much to her relief, she found it clean, so he was pronounced healthy.

That night, Gabriel joined Jed, Wedge, Biggs, Grieg and a mage named Suladad aboard the Flying Walrus. Through a daring scheme that I will add later when I feel like it, they managed to escape the Valuan base and made their way back to Archon’s Rest, meeting up with Commodore Thorim and the rest of the group who had arrived there just that morning.



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