Tears of Celeris

Part 5: Shopping for Supplies

Serve yourself and save...

Early the following morning, the group set out with their new ship and new crew to waylay the imperial supply convoy Thorim had heard about. While they were en route, Cameron mounted the prototype harpoon cannon just behind the sliding doors in the bow with the assistance of the ship’s carpenter. They arrived at the place where Thorim wanted to hit the supply convoy late on the third night. They expected the convoy to be passing by them sometime after noon on the following day.

When the time drew close for the convoy to arrive, Mir went down to the moonstone in the stern of the ship and cast a spell through it to make the ship invisible. Shortly thereafter, the convoy came into sight; two supply ships and two corvettes- exactly as they had expected. When the convoy was about a mile away, Cameron and Thorim noticed a cloud that looked suspiciously like one of the fog ships closing on the convoy low in the sky from the north. Electing to wait and see what happened, the group looked on as the fog ship drifted almost directly beneath one of the supply ships before quickly gaining altitude and coming up alongside the other ship. By the time the corvettes recognized the threat for what it was, the fog ship had lashed itself to the supply ship and continued rising. Moments later, a gigantic hole appeared in the sky above the fog ship and its captive freighter which stayed open just long enough for both ships to slip through it before it disappeared with a flash of light.

The resulting chaos played right into the hands of the waiting air pirates who commenced their attack immediately. As the drew closer to what was left of the convoy, they noticed two giants flying around the corvettes in suits of armor which appeared to be made entirely out of moonstone. Continuing with their initial plan, Thorim and Av’r, using Thorim’s new cloak, teleported on to the bridge of the closest corvette at the same time Rafael opened the bow doors and fired the harpoon cannon at the other warship. The 18’ long adamantite harpoon took nearly 5 seconds to reach its destination, but when it did it smashed through the reinforced hull as if it were paper and extended hundreds of 6” barbs, locking itself in place.

Things looked no better for the other corvette as Thorim and Av’r had suddenly appeared near the helm and dispatched the helmsman. Just as they were preparing to take the fight to the rest of the crew, one of the flying giants moved to engage them and proceeded to give them one of the toughest fights they’d encountered to date.

The other giant moved to engage the rest of the party on their ship but, just before he got there, Cameron cast a spell which removed the giant’s armor and teleported it next to Cameron. Thinking quickly, the giant activated his levitation amulet and stopped falling directly in front of one of the ship’s 6” guns. Rafael smiled at him before touching the lighter off and, a few seconds later, the giant was no more.

About this time the sky started lighting up around all three combat ships as their respective mages started trading spells. In any case, a large number of cannon balls and fire spells later, the harpooned corvette was pounded into submission just as Thorim and Av’r defeat the other giant and take control of the other corvette.

The battle won, Thorim divided his crew amongst the 4 ships and, after removing the harpoon from its new home and getting the cannon reloaded, led his fleet back to Archon’s Rest.



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