Tears of Celeris

Part 4: Assembling the Fleet

In the market, as it were...

After preliminarily making a deal with Captain Johnson, Mir, Gi and Rafael led him and his two unarmed and unarmored bodyguards back to the warehouse, ostensibly to pick up the moonstone and take it to Johnson’s ship. Once there, Johnson inspected the moonstone, and, just as he handed over the 2000g he’d promised as an initial payment, Av’r and Thorim sprang the trap.

Reacting quickly to Av’r dropping out of the rafters, striking one of them and gliding out of range, the two bodyguards pulled what appeared to be a handle from their belts and touched them together. As they pulled the handles apart, a hole in the shape of a door opened up between them and out of the hole stepped two more bodyguards. Av’r and Rafael quickly entered melee combat with the bodyguards and were met with a rather formidable wall of fists and feet.

At about the same time, a man in robes appeared not far from Gi with a sour expression on his face. He quickly began casting a spell as Gi advanced on him and was able to mend some of the captain’s wounds before being cut in half.

Back in the center of the warehouse, Av’r deduced that the bodyguards were in fact oathsworn and, reasoning that their oath was most likely to protect the captain, he yelled out for everyone to focus on the captain as he was sent flying across the warehouse floor. Johnson knew he would not be able to escape the warehouse alive with Mir, Thorim and Rafael threatening him while Cameron continued delicately rupturing Johnson’s internal organs, so he drew his pistol and attempted to set off the powdered moonstone, taking them all with him. Fortunately, Thorim managed to disarm him before the shot went off Johnson’s subsequent cursing served as his last words.

With their oath’s broken and their powers lost, the oathsworn surrendered. No sooner did the fight end than Mir and Cameron descended upon the mage’s body and divested it of anything that looked remotely interesting. The rest of the group did the same with the Captain and the bodyguards with particular attention paid to the strange handles each of the bodyguards bore.

After stripping the bodyguards down to their pants and depositing the bodies in a dumpster behind a warehouse a few blocks away, the group went down tot he docks to take command of their newly acquired ship. Thorim, using a magical cloak he’d picked up from the late captain, appeared at the wheel of the ship, currently named The Ferret, in a puff of smoke and announced to the crew that he had replaced Johnson as the captain of this ship and that any who wished to seek employment elsewhere were free to go but any who remained would be treated and paid fairly. Nearly two thirds of the crew elected to remain.



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