Tears of Celeris

Part 3: Change of Address

you have a what?!

Two days later, the group arrived home to find it utterly destroyed. The entire island had been burned over and every major building pounded to rubble. The island was deserted except for Inglo whom they found picking through what was left of his laboratory. He informed them that the Empire attacked two days ago with no warning. Tobias and his crew boarded Alfonso’s ship as quickly as they could and attempted to defend the island, but they were no match for the much larger Imperial warships. The ship was completely destroyed, all hands were lost. During that time, however, Inglo and Sherra were able to teleport about 80% of the family to Cameron’s castle.

“Cameron’s what?!” Thorim interjected.

“Some years ago my father gave me the key to a castle magically suspended far above the planet. Perhaps we should travel there before continuing this discussion.” Pausing, Cameron turned to Inglo, “If you’d be so kind.”

A few moments later, the party found itself in the lavishly furnished antechamber of a large castle. Moving into the main hall, they find Sherra organizing what supplies she could find to distribute amongst the people arrayed all about the room. Inglo goes on to tell the adventurers that the 4 imperial ships which attacked the island were led by both Admiral Alfonso and Admiral Edea and that, after killing everyone they could find, the imperials spent a full day searching the island before burning everything to the ground. He wasn’t able to determine what they were looking for, but whatever it was, it didn’t look like they found it.

After much deliberation, Thorim decided that they would take the barge to Archon’s Rest and attempt to trade the newly acquired moonstones for a ship while at the same time calling a meeting of the Diamond Rogue captains.

The group docked at Archon’s rest a few days later and learned that a fleet of ten imperial ships passed through Archon’s Rest the day before their island was attacked. This seemed especially strange as only four ships participated in the attack. After some pirate soul searching, the group agreed that their interests would be much better served by commandeering a ship and keeping the moonstones and, as such, they found a ship that suited their needs and set up a meeting with the captain to discuss the smuggling of their moonstones into the empire. The initial meeting is successful and the captain Johnson agrees to accompany them back to the warehouse they rented where the moonstone is being stored.



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