Tears of Celeris

Part 2: Pirates vs. Ninjas (Take 1)

Of course it's a threatening cloud

The next morning, the newly promoted captain and officers, along with Mir and Gi, board the family barge and head off toward Captchka island. Early in the afternoon of their second day of travel, Thorim spots a small cloud off in the distance moving toward Captchka island, against the wind. In an attempt to get a better idea what they were dealing with, Cameron cast his senses into the cloud and saw a ship with black sails at the center of the cloud.

Since the cloud was going to arrive at the island before their barge could get there anyway, Thorim decided to ignore it for the moment, focusing instead on arriving at the moonstone shower site as quickly as possible. As they neared the island, however, it became apparent that the fog ship was not headed towards the moonstones but rather to an area of dense ruins farther to the north. Deciding that whatever the fog ship was after was likely more valuable than the moonstones they had been sent to recover, Thorim, the officers and Mir took the skiff to the ruins over which the fog ship was now hovering while Gi and the rest of the crew headed on to collect the moonstones.

Setting down in the southern edge of the ruins, the adventurers head north until Mir notices light coming from a window on the third story of one of the two intact buildings in the center of the ruins. They hasten toward the large, grey building and take time to block all the first floor entrances except for the main entrance. That being done, Thorim pulls open the doors at the main entrance and suddenly everything goes dark.

Rafael immediately backs up about 5 steps until he can see again. There’s a dome of darkness in front of him about 40’ in diameter centered more or less on the doors of the buiding. Thorim advances through the darkness until he emerges into a long, two story high entrance hall. A couple of lit sconces along the walls illuminate the apparently empty room. Benirus steps through the edge of the darkness near the wall to Thorim’s right followed closely by everyone else except for Rafael who’s still outside the building.

Cameron and Mir convince Rafael to come through the darkness as Thorim, Av’r and Benirus explore the entrance hall. Av’r flies up to a second floor balcony and, finding nothing of immediate interest, he moves further down the hall crossing a walkway which connects the two halves of the second floor. Shortly after passing a staircase down to the main floor, Av’r enters a hallway and immediately another globe of darkness appears, engulfing him, the walkway and the stairs including Thorim and Benirus who were climbing the stairs to join Av’r. Av’r rushes forward, coming out of the darkness just before encountering a ‘T’ intersection. he turns right and finds some empty rooms and a broken window. Not too far behind him, Thorim and Benirus come to the same intersection and turn left, finding some stairs leading up to the third floor and, more importantly, a dracha in black leather armor and wielding a large sword coming down them.

Back at the entrance, Mir closed the main doors and cast a spell on them to alert him if they were opened while Rafael and Cameron advanced further into the room. At the same moment they first heard sounds of combat coming from the second floor, a large human dressed identically to the dracha appeared from a side corridor and thrust straight at Rafael’s face. Rafael threw his head back and got his shield up just in time to deflect the blow. Before the ninja had time to do anything else, one of the mages mumbled something as only mages do and the ninja’s sword dropped out of his hands, suddenly much too heavy for him to wield. Never one to miss an opportunity, Rafael elbowed the ninja in the ribs and reversing his grip on his sword, cut a deep gash under the ninja’s right arm. Jumping back, the ninja ran up the wall and vaulted over the railing on to the second story balcony, drawing a short sword as he landed.

As the dracha advanced on Thorim, Benirus focused his mind on his sword, changing it into a polearm as he moved to the right side of the hallway behind Thorim. A lot of relatively ineffectual swinging ensued, so we’ll move on to more interesting areas of the battle.

Av’r, assuming that Thorim and Benirus could handle a lone attacker, headed back through the darkness and, noticing the other ninja on the second floor balcony, moved to engage him. At roughly the same time Av’r appeared, Mir’s spell informed him that someone had opened the door and two more dracha ninjas burst from other side corridors and headed straight for the mages. A few dazzlespheres, fireballs, internal combustions and flaming grizzly bears later, however, the mages proved that not being capable of winning a wrestling match with a house cat doesn’t mean they’re not dangerous- a lesson which, sadly, was lost on the now dead ninjas.

Back on the second floor, just as Thorim and Benirus finally dispatched their lone attacker, they noticed a second dracha ninja come halfway down the stairs and then retreat back to the third floor. The party regrouped and gave chase, bursting through a set of double doors at the end of the third floor hallway which opened into a large room which was largely unremarkable except for the intricately carved, 20’ diameter circle of runes in the center of the room which contained a 13’ tall demon. On the other side of the circle knelt the remaining ninja, busily erasing one of the runes which made up the circle. When he saw the party, he grabbed a large bag and attempted to jump out the window but before he could accomplish that Av’r managed to block the window and Thorim, Rafael and Benirus managed to kill him. Noticing that the circle was destabilizing, Cameron worked quickly and was able to redraw the erased rune before the demon broke free.

Av’r, looking out the window, noticed a 100’ section of rope dangling about 10 feet away from the window which appeared to be attached to the fog ship hovering above. Everyone had just enough time to jump out the window and latch on to the rope before the rope was cut- giving them all a chance to practice their, ‘ah crap, I fell off the airship’ drill.

A few moments and several different magical effects later, they all found themselves on the roof of the now secured building. From there, they did what pirates do best and looted the place from top to bottm. They discovered a secret trap door leading to a basement of sorts, but, just as they were about to explore it, Av’r froze, the blood draining from his face, and said, “We must get back- something horrible has happened at home.”


Kinda forgot Guy Rand’s character’s name- so once somebody reminds me, I’ll fix the post.


It’s Ok. He’s in the portal now. Besides…I think he has to hit something before he gets a good byline. :-D


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