Tears of Celeris

Part 1.3 On your marks....Get set...

Welcome Aboard

After a few moments of silence, Thorim stands and responds, “As always, you leave us speechless, Raphael.” Then, turning towards Mir, he continues, “My apologies to our good visitor that our actions led to the lost of your ship. Your ship was a magnificent sight and it saddens me that our curiosity led to the demise of such a marvel. There is no loss so great as the loss of a fine ship and the freedom she provides.

Your tale has sparked the interest of my crew and I believe we can work towards assisting each other in our goals. My crew and I are journeying to the nearby island of Kaptchka today and I remember several ruins there that may interest you. Perhaps you would accompany us and we can learn more of each other and what accord might be reached?”

Mir responds, “Wow, well you’re all an inquisitive bunch! I would be certainly happy to accompany you, the ruins sound quite interesting! Perhaps we will find more information to further my studies, while also aiding you in some way.

I appreciate your condolences for our ship, however Gi and I are alive and for that we have you to thank.” Pausing, he turns to Cameron, grabbing his hand and shaking it vigorously, “Cameron, good to meet you! Always a pleasure to meet a fellow learned in the magical and scientific arts!”



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