Tears of Celeris

Part 1.2: The meeting

Do we have an accord?

After everyone has taken their seats in the map room, Tobias stands and addresses Mir, “Please understand that we as Diamond Rogues do not normally question those we rescue from the Valuaans, however, due to the extremely strange circumstances surrounding your capture by the Empire, we must know more about you before we can properly assess what repercussions may come of your rescue. To that end, Where did you come from and why were you attacked by the Empire?”

Before Mir has a chance to respond, The door opens and a tall human enters the room. After introducing himself as ‘Cameron’, he steps further into the room, bowing slightly towards Mir. His attention is caught by Mir’s staff and, after a few moments of study, Cameron says, “What a fascinating material. There is much we can learn from each other.” Taking a seat, he then addresses the rest of the room, “Dinner is on me. There is much to be done before we embark on the next phase of our journey.” Turning to Thorim, he finishes with, “Congratulations, Captain.”

Mir stands and replies, “Well, in answer to your first question Captain Tobias, I am Miran deCallien, archaeologist and explorer in the service of His Majesty Ur-Tanor, King and ruler of the Kingdom of Arcellum, however you may refer to me as Mir. This is my valet, Gi-Gadua. Arcellum is far to the East, which is where we come from, perhaps, oh what is it Gi, 9,000 miles? We’ve really come a long way. We are charged from his majesty to determine what was the reason for the Breaking of the World so many centuries ago; I’m afraid that while we know the world did not use to be in it’s current condition, few records exist in Arcellum. So we are here on an archaelogical expedition to discover whatever ruins and artifacts we can and hopefully gain some insight to the history of our world.

In regards to your second question, Captain, I’m afraid I have no answer. I have been in this part of the world for only a few days, and imagine my surprise when I found not only civilization, but multiple warring parties at that! Gi and I decided that it would be best for us if we avoided contact with the locals as you all seem to be a violent bunch, which is why we attempted to flee from your ship. Unfortunately in the process of fleeing, we stumbled upon that, what did you call them? Valuans? Well, we stumbled upon their warship. They seem to be a trigger happy lot as they fired at me as soon as they saw me. I figured I might distract them long enough to get away by creating an illusion of a dragon, thinking that perhaps they would focus on the dragon and ignore me, but unfortunately my timing with the illusion was off and their shots crippled my ship. Fortunately you came along and rescued me, and well, you know the rest of the story from there.

Unfortunately my expedition has run into a snag; my ship is destroyed and with it all of my provisions and posessions. I need a replacement ship to continue my journey however I have no means to purchase one. Perhaps we can come to some sort of accord?”

Almost immediately, Rafael leaps to his feet and exlaims, “Those dishonorable Valuan dogs! Attacking a simple explorer, who seeks only to caress the history of our broken world. Losing such a ship to them, and with such a lucky shot. They could not have hit you again had they 100 more chances, I can assure you! I am sure that losing such an amazing ship has made the council VERY unhappy… but what a great kingdom to devote such resources to only you two. Ur-Tanor must be a powerful dragon. My brother, you have my sympathy, and I hope our family decides to help you.”

As is often the case after Rafael speaks, the room is silent for several moments.



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